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Google purchases are already working in Slovakia

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

Google Shopping offers a new way of shopping and displaying products to customers.

Maybe you’ve seen it abroad. You’re looking for a product and Google displays it with a picture, price, and review.


The Google Shopping service is already up and running in Slovakia. The test campaigns we have run are gradually starting to obtain their first impressions. According to Google support, it is only a matter of a few weeks until Google Shopping is up and running properly in our country.


The decisive factor for displaying products and influencing their position is PRICE PER CLICK. The higher the score, the higher the position. Google also reviews your ad’s quality score. To some extent, you can achieve good results with a correctly filled in XML feed. In addition to the basic items, make sure to fill in the optional parameters as well for better results.


For example, provide your EAN codes, GTIN, or ISBN.


A little. If a user enters a product that they are looking for into Google, the browser checks to see if it is a product and then displays it after identifying it. For example, you could type “No Frost refrigerator” into your google browser to see related products that advertisers promote through Google Shopping. Of course, the more accurate the search the better the result. Therefore we recommend creating multiple campaigns. From generic low cost-per-click to exact products with the highest cost-per-click.



General campaign: no frost refrigerator = lowest cost-per-click

More specific campaign: No Frost Whirlpool refrigerator = higher cost-per-click

Exact campaign: No Frost Whirlpool B TNF 5323 OX refrigerator = highest cost-per-click

All of your paid advertisers will appear in the product ad block. Google always displays the price, reviews, and shipping for a given product. However, not everyone is going to go for Google Shopping ads, just like not everyone is on


Google Shopping has two types of campaigns – STANDARD and SMART. From foreign campaigns we know that smart campaigns are performing better. They use machine learning. Their advantage is that they also dynamic marketing in Google Search, Display, Gmail and YouTube.


For example, we can optimize smart campaigns to maximize conversions or ROAS (return on ad spend). We have 100% control of the budget.


Google will show products just below the search. If the competition is very large, it will also use the right side. It’s important that you send the product data in the correct format – just as required by the Google Merchant Center.


Google needs important information about your products and about the eshop itself in order to run your ads. This means that it emphasizes the clarity of individual items. This is great if you specify how the goods can be delivered to customers, or the way goods can be returned or claimed. Make sure to follow Google’s policies to avoid having your advertising account blocked.

Google Nákupy

Sell directly in the search results.


To improve conversions. By allowing google to show customers products with the price, shipping, and availability directly in the results, we filter out people who might be clicking only out of curiosity. We assume they click because they actually like the price, delivery speed, or product with the best reviews.


Of course Heureka works in a similar way. However, with Google Shopping you don’t need to have a Verified Customer feature, and we expect that your CPC bids will be much lower initially.


Create a store in the Google Merchant Center, then load the XML feed. You will generate this from your eshop. Adjust it according to the parameters and specifications for use in the Google Merchant Center. Your programmer will take care of this step. We’ve been successful ourselves in editing XML feeds from Mergado. Then, merge Google Merchant Center with your Google Ads account, confirm ownership, and start advertising.


We can help you prepare for Google Shopping. From creating an account and editing an XML feed to running the actual ads themselves. Just get in touch.


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