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How do world-renowned experts see the future of marketing?

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Uncategorized


As marketers, we most often rely on traffic from Facebook and Google. Big mistake. This was highlighted by global marketing leaders at the SMX 2019 conference in Munich, which was held during the first week of April.

This conference of top professionals focused on search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). In the next blog, we’ll share some advice and tips to help you grow and improve your business. But always remember the rule: test and improve.


Of course, during these two days in Munich full of lectures and workshops we not only talked about search engines and their unpaid or paid parts. The digital sphere is a large ecosystem in which relationships and connections are firmly anchored. That is why I was surprised and interested in the lecture on “The Future of Email Marketing” and why it is important for search marketers.


Artificial intelligence. A theme that resonates daily in marketing discussions. Are you afraid of armies of robots that will enslave humanity? Keep calm, we have good news for you. The idea of ​​an army of robots is actually more realistic than science fiction (the most widespread robot on Earth we all know is a robotic vacuum cleaner). Artificial intelligence, which in 1997 was able to defeat humans in chess, is being realized in various sectors. In the case of digital marketing, however, the most likely outcome is cooperation between artificial intelligence and people. There are several areas in which it will help us as marketers. These mainly include copywriting, data analysis, and error reduction.

World-renowned Rand Fishkin opened the conference. He pointed out an interesting trend that every eshop or website owner should watch out for: for the first time in 2017, Google sent fewer visitors to websites and ever since the trend in this area has been decreasing. The increases are in ad clicks and non-clicks. Searching without a click means that Google provides information to the user on the search engine side. And of course he/she will use the information you provide.



That’s why Rand recommends building and raising brand awareness and collecting email contacts for relevant visitors to your website.

Do you find email marketing to be a difficult thing of the past? If you do it correctly, that is, having a relevant database with consent, relevant content, and good timing, it is still one of the most effective marketing techniques. We can even say that 10 emails are worth more than 10,000 fans on social networks.


And here we arrive at the second giant – Facebook. It behaves very similarly. Facebook’s algorithm does everything to keep users on its platform. In general, posts with external content are more likely to have less of an impact on unpaid reach, and paid reach is a more expensive alternative compared to other ad formats.


Our opinion is clear. Google and Facebook are very important elements of the digital ecosystem, but their interests are not the same as yours. So take advantage of both platforms. Focus on marketing techniques that will reduce your reliance on these giants as you react to their changing algorithms. Focus on media you can “own” and use to your benefit.

Not everything is SMART. Google Ads as an advertising system is really complex. The settings become increasingly more complicated and difficult for the average consumer. However, this barrier of complexity reduces investment and the growth of advertising investment.

How can we get away from it? Some once said that SMART would be the solution. Artificial intelligence can be very beneficial and beneficial. It’s like a gardener who you wouldn’t trust to take care of your garden. Therefore, err on the side of caution. If you are unable to evaluate the effectiveness of your activities, be sure to entrust these activities to experts. Don’t blindly rely on something to do everything for you. By the way – the same goes for Facebook and their SUPPORT button. No, don’t do it, don’t click on it! You’ll just be losing money.



International expansion doesn’t just happen by translating the website into the desired language of the country you want to target and then waiting for the orders to arrive. Unfortunately, they are not likely to come. One of the important factors for success in SEO (search engine optimization) or paid Google and Facebook advertising is the Page Load Time. This is proportional to the location of the server where your website is located and the physical distance of the visitor. But it’s not that simple. There are multiple search engines within regions, and several languages ​​within countries. To be successful in foreign markets, you need much more than just a local language version.


Just like in life, fast and simple solutions rarely exist in digital marketing. We will help you get to know solutions that are effective and sustainable for your business. We’ll be happy to meet to have an informal discussion of the topics on this blog. Or on a more general topic – how online marketing can help you.


We were very pleased that at the Munich conference, they used the SLI.DO application designed and developed in Slovakia. We strive for more of these innovative exports from our country and we believe that our know-how will help (and not just from this conference).

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