The company Oxywise is a manufacturer focused on the turkey supply, service, and maintenance of PSA oxygen and nitrogen generators. Since 2009, the company has been operating successfully around the world and its quality aggregators are located in countries like Singapore, Egypt, Brazil, and dozens of others.


  • Increase the efficiency of the digital campaigns self-managed by the client.
  • Increase the number of queries.
  • Transfer the campaign into a professional report.


  • Audit the website with specific recommendations for improvements.
  • Creating a Google AdWords account and restructuring campaigns.
  • Continuously optimizing the campaigns based on the results.

Results after 30 days

  • 41% decrease in CPC.
  • Increase in ad clickthrough rate by 29.21%.
  • 5% increase in queries.
  • Average monthly savings of 22.82%.

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